Why you shouldn’t dress your cat up for Christmas: it’s a stressful time for them

Hangai Lilla

2023. December 24 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

If you think about it, the Christmas season, besides being a celebration of love and eagerly awaited by most, is stressful in many ways. To ensure nothing burns, the house is spotless, and guests don't argue during the somewhat alcohol-fueled post-dinner conversation. Although your pet probably doesn't worry about the quality of the roasts, the holiday season can be equally stressful for them, especially if they are already of a more timid, nervous type.


While we acknowledge that it’s incredibly tempting to dressing up the already extremely sweet and lovable cat during this heightened period. But we kindly ask you not to do so! And not just now, never! After 12,000 years of living together, they deserve better.

They can be more easily shaken from their calm state than dogs

Due to the nature of our pets, they easily become uncertain when surrounded by many unfamiliar people. Research shows that even dogs can become frustrated much more easily. The disrupted home with many unfamiliar smells and noises can disturb them. Some more sensitive cats, due to stress, may even lose their orientation. Especially if the rearrangement of the house is necessary due to guests. Moreover, the cleaning and preparations for the holidays mean that these oddities start relatively early in December.

Our pets have perfected the ability to hide if they have any problems, be it mental or physical illness, for survival. So, even if everything seems fine, you cannot be sure that everything is really okay in such an intense period. But if your pet escapes into excessive self-grooming, spends more time under furniture than with the family, or pees on the rug, you can be sure that it is suffering from the situation.

It’s important to note that if you experience such things, a visit to the vet can’t hurt to rule out the presence of illnesses.

Dressing up the cat not only is it ridiculous, but it’s also dangerous

In our opinion, an animal is most beautiful when we let them look the way they were created. Even if you don’t share this view, it’s worth considering the danger factor of these costumes and little outfits.

The already stressed cat doesn’t need to overheat in its costume or constantly get caught in everything, hindering the use of the litter box and grooming. These clothes, usually made of polyester, are also flammable. This is particularly risky during a holiday rich in candles, fireplaces, stoves, and sparklers.

If you still can’t resist and really want to see your pet in such a costume or outfit, we recommend leaving it on for a photo. However, if dressing them is already difficult, please don’t force it! Let your pet also have a happy, peaceful holiday.

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