If your cat sleeps like this, it sends you this message

Szénási Szimonetta

2024. June 25 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary; Love My Catz

Did you know that your cat’s sleeping position has a meaning? We’ll explain what the following posture says to the owner.


Have you ever noticed the position in which your cat prefers sleeping the most? It’s worth paying attention to it because how your cat sleeps is not just about comfort. It has a message for you too. Specifically, you can glean a lot of important information from it. For example, how much they trust you.

If your cat sleeping on its back, it’s a very good sign / Photo: Love My Catz

If your cat often naps on their back, with their belly exposed, it’s a clear sign of trust. In this position, almost all of their vital organs are unprotected. Which only happens when the animal is completely confident that no one will harm them.

So, if you often find your purring companion with their belly facing the sky, their legs either splayed out or comfortably stretched, you can pat yourself on the back: that cat feels great around you!

Even better in the owner’s lap!

If the cat usually sleeping on you

It’s also common for a cat to settle in their owner’s lap and then twist and turn until they take up the mentioned position. This is the ultimate success: not only do they trust you, but they also need your closeness to feel safe! Some cats enjoy being gently petted during these moments, even on their belly, while others can be a bit touchy about it. If your pet is one of the latter, don’t take it personally! Instead, cherish the special attention and enjoy their peaceful breathing and purring – because most often, that’s also part of their satisfied repertoire.

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