This is how a huge wild puma swings after a meal (video)

Hangai Lilla

2024. May 16 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

In the soul, a cat is always a cat, no matter how big it grows.


In the description of the video, it’s mentioned that the beautiful puma spent 4 days in that place in Colorado (USA). It ate and slept there; it only discovered that the swing was moving after 2 days.

The sweetest moment in the footage is when, after its dinner, the animal, lying down, notices that the swing above it is indeed moving. After stretching itself out, it yawns and then drifts off to sleep. In the description of the video, it’s mentioned that after 4 days, bears drove the mountain lion out of this idyllic place. You can watch the video by clicking here.

To understand how special of a witness you could have been, three other pumas also visited the swing, unfortunately not discovering the joys offered by the swinging marvel.

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big cat cat playing puma video

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