How the Canadian lynx walked into the hunters’ trap (video)

Hangai Lilla

2024. July 1 - Photo: Getty Images Hungary

The stunningly beautiful animal seen in the footage fell victim to a coyote trap.


Unfortunately, the stunningly beautiful animal was left without prey in this case, but at least we had the chance to admire it up close. Sensitive viewers can also safely click on the video; it contains no graphic details. Below, we explain exactly what you can see in the footage.

The footage was taken by two hunters from Alberta (Canada) who were originally out coyote hunting. In the video, you can see a decoy mounted on a camera, which is also making that whining sound. Unfortunately, as mentioned in the post, they were not expecting the lynx to appear, so the camera with the decoy was not activated. Despite this, we can still enjoy a fantastic sight as the beauty moving on snowshoes comes closer and closer, then stands somewhat puzzled by the situation.

Before you gasp at the fact of coyote hunting, in Alberta, it is allowed on private land all year round, and on public land from October 1 to February 28. This is because the  coyote population in Canada is huge and stable, and their culling has significant economic and ecological benefits.

Click here to watch another video of a lynx bathing in the snow. It’s heartwarming to see how much it enjoys the snow.

Canada lynx hunting lynx video

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