Why your cat makes that strange sound (video)

Szénási Szimonetta

2024. July 4 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

There is a typical vocalisation that all kittens use, and that many owners misinterpret. Now we'll explain what it really means.


Our favourite purrers communicate with us in many ways: kneading, rubbing, meow and mark. But there is a distinctive sound from the cat that is not directed at us. If you are not familiar with the noise, usually described as “eck eck ekc”, you can hear it in the video below.

You’ve heard it before, haven’t you?!

This sound is a typical hunting lure of the cat: they try to deceive their prey by imitating its voice. Interestingly, they do not make much noise in a live situation; it is most often observed in indoor pets, who are limited in their hunting instincts. Thus, in addition to vocalisation, the animal may also show stress. But it’s wrong to think that keeping cats indoors is torture. (As many put it on our community page, under our posts.)

The sound is often heard while birds are singing

By keeping your pet indoors, you’re protecting them from many fatal accidents and life-threatening infections. So, they don’t have to give up the taste of freedom: the cat patio (or catio) is a great alternative to letting your indoor cat enjoy the pleasures of being outside. 

In addition, cats are opportunistic hunters, which means they will take any chance to hunt , not just attack when they are hungry. And for this the bird population suffers the most. For this reason, it is also better to keep your cat at a safe distance from them.

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