This impressive video is proof that cats are made of rubber

Szénási Szimonetta

2024. July 11 - Photo: Getty Images Hungary

It almost seems like an optical illusion, but the structure of cats indeed allows for such tricks.


At first glance, we thought of the famous and infamous movie ‘The Mask’, where the protagonist, Stanley Ipkiss, can perform any abstract movement once he puts on the magical mask, much like a rubber man. Our pets, however, don’t need any magic potion for this; cats are naturally so flexible due to their physical abilities.

The reason for cats’ flexibility lies in their different anatomy

One of the reasons for cats’ fantastic flexibility is that they lack fixed clavicles. Specifically, the scapulas and clavicles of cats are connected to their bodies only by muscles, not bones. This allows them to squeeze into the most impossible places or slip through the smallest gaps.

If you love cat videos, here you can watch how trucker cats see the world.

flexible cat video

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