7 Surprising Things Your Cat Knows About You

Hangai Lilla

2024. July 10 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Cats are mysterious creatures, and based on their demeanor, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking they don't care about anything. Or at least, very few things. Don't be fooled by this trick: they are always watching! Even when they sleep, they keep an eye open.

There are numerous things your cat knows about you that you might not even suspect. Today, we’ve compiled a list of these things.
The cat also knows what mood you’re in

1.) Your Cat Knows You Are Their Owner

Although to better reflect their perspective, we might say they know you are their family; they see you as a parent. If they could talk, they surely wouldn’t appreciate the possessive relationship, because in their eyes, we are equals. Additionally, they know they can trust us, as we provide them with shelter and food.

2.) They Know When Your Mood Changes

Thanks to our body language, facial expressions, and movements, cats can sense our mood changes. They know when we are angry, stressed, sad, anxious, or happy. And if you observe them closely, most cats try to help their owner in difficult moments in their own way. They are truly supportive friends.

3.) They Know When You Are Sick

Ancient healers used cats in their work. They believed that the sound frequency of purring could have a healing effect on the body. Amazingly, they were right!

To stay more on topic, thanks to their advanced sense of smell and hearing, cats can detect abnormalities in the body. The best part is that in many cases, they signal if something is wrong.

4.) The Cat Knows How to Manipulate You

We’re sure you already knew this or at least suspected it. But to defend them and avoid comments like “calculating little beasts,” we’ll reveal that dogs use this technique too.

Cats not only look but see; they analyze their owner’s behavior during their observations. They have excellent memory, which combined with their observational skills, is a foolproof weapon for achieving their goals. This doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t love you or uses you for their own interests. It simply means they prefer working smart rather than hard.

Your kitty knows exactly how to get what she wants from you

5.) They Know When You’re Going to the Vet

Cats are creatures of habit, and routine gives them security. Even the smallest changes can seriously upset them, although this largely depends on socialization and the cat’s personality.

Generally, they don’t particularly enjoy vet visits, so it’s even easier for them to notice the small telltale signs when you’re preparing for that particular trip. And as we’ve mentioned before, thanks to their excellent memory, they remember these details for a lifetime.

6.) They Know That Human Children Are Vulnerable

Like dogs, cats also understand that human children are fragile and defenseless. Thanks to their intelligence and strong parental instincts, they always make sure that the youngest members of the family are safe.

This video proves the latter claim:

7.) They Know Where You’ve Been

A cat’s sense of smell is 14 times better than a human’s. Wherever you go, you carry millions of scent molecules that these fantastic supercomputer-like noses can immediately identify. And yes, they also know if you’ve been petting the neighbor’s cat…

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