Alien cat, poodle cat, pixie cat – do you know which breed is called that?

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The breed is the trump card of the cat world; its nicknames are proof of this.


Many cat breeds have nicknames that have been given to the animal because of a particular characteristic of the cat. A ragdoll itself means ragdoll, the munchkin is known as a sausage cat because of its short legs. The devon rex has a nickname as well, and more than one! We have collected, what else the breed is called, and we’ll tell you why.

Huge ears, mesmerising eyes; the Devon rex’s unique appearance has inspired several nicknames

alien cat

The devon rex has a truly unique look and a special temperament. With its distinctive large ears, unique skull shape, huge eyes and interesting fur, some say it looks like it’s from another planet. It’s also incredibly intelligent and curious – it wants to know everything about its environment, as if it were an alien having arrived to Earth trying to understand the human world. It is precisely because of these qualities that devon rex are loved by fans of the breed, and in this case alien is used in the most positive sense of the word.

Poodle cat

It probably doesn’t need explaining why these wonderful cats are called poodle cats. Indeed, the reason for their very rare coat among domestic cats is that itreally does look like a poodle’s coat. It is important to note, however, that although their appearance is similar, the Devon rex and the poodle are actually very different. While a cat’s fur is soft and light despite its curl, a poodle’s can be a little more “brittle” to the touch. In addition, while the cat’s coat does not change in length, the poodle’s is constantly growing. As a result, their care is different. A Devon rex is not much to deal with, as its coat is not prone to knotting, but a poodle needs to be looked after to prevent hair and skin problems.

If you imagine wings on it, it really is like a little forest fairy

Pixie cat

The devon rex is often referred to as a pixie. This is also due to the appearance of the cat. With its small skull and huge, mesmerising eyes, there really is something magical about it. In addition, these cats are usually very intelligent and playful, which can add to the feeling that they have something special, mystical and fairy-like about them. The combination of their unique appearance and playful, inquisitive nature makes many people think that Devon rexes are like something from a magical world.

Jumping Cat

The body structure of the devon rex is designed for jumping. Its light weight and long legs help it perform amazing acrobatic feats between the four walls. What’s more, its toes are larger than those of domestic cats, and their proportions are reminiscent of wild cats, which are also capable of breathtaking leaps. Thanks to all these features, the Devon Rex has no problem getting to the top of the highest cupboards with ease.

Jumping is in its blood

Whiskerless cat

For the majority of felines the presence of a whisker is essential in their daily lives. The special hairs are essential for the cat’s orientation. But the Devon rex is an exception. A closer look at the kitten’s adorable face reveals that it doesn’t have a long whisker – in fact, some don’t have one at all! The majority of the breed have very short and curly whiskers, but they also tend to have fragmentation and later complete loss of hairs. The Devon rex has learned to navigate perfectly without a whisker, which is quite an achievement considering its leaps and bounds.

As you can see, the Devon rex is unique in the world of cats. But did you know that there is another breed that people often confuse it with? Click here to find out who the impostor is.

curly haired cat devon rex munchkin ragdoll

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