That’s why the cat’s tail can fall off – yes, it can!

Szénási Szimonetta

2023. July 29 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

There are many videos circulating on social media where the cat's tail simply falls off. After seeing the startling footage, we investigated whether this is possible at all, and if so, what is the reason. Here is the answer!


We are sure it’s a scary thing for everyone, without exception, when a cat’s tail falls off. The tail is an essential part of the cat’s body, so at first you might think it’s a trick shot or just a tuft of hair let your eyes deceive you, but the more you watch the video, the more unsure you are of what you’re actually seeing. And if they don’t want to deceive you, the questions immediately start to arise: What could have happened? What’s wrong with the cat? How can it be prevented? Let’s take the answers one by one, but first let’s watch one of the videos in question so you understand what we’re talking about! A cats’s tail can fall of but there is a serious reason why.


Cat lost an attachment 💀@I Can’t Even (Via:Sammygrealty1/ig)

♬ original sound – Barstool Sports

The most common indoor injury which can cause a cat’s tail to fall off

For the cat, the tail is very important for both movement and communication. In addition to helping the kitty to balance, it also useful for communication with the owner and other animals.

But this body part is extremely vulnerable! As experts point out, cats’ tails can break, and this is one of the most common permanent injuries that can happen to them indoors. Just think about it: a carelessly shut door – which can even be caught by a draft – and that’s it! It is a typical injury mainly because cats tend to follow their owners like a shadow, especially when they are hungry.

For cats, the tail is an important tool for communication.

In the case of outdoor cats, fighting with each other or hit-and-run accidents are associated with broken tails.


No worries! Kelvin is completely fine and healthy. When we adopted him, we were told he may lose his tail due to it being dead. He had frostbite on his ears and tail when he was found. Poor little guy now has little ears and a little tail. 😩#catsoftiktok #fyp #tiktok #tailfelloff #catlover #whatthehell #cats

♬ original sound – Chelle 🦋

It could result in infection and death

An untreated fracture can easily become infected, and pathogens entering the spinal canal can even cause paralysis. For all these reasons, it is essential that the injured animal be seen by a veterinarian!

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