Do you have the cat litter in the right place at your home? These are the worst options

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2024. January 7 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Let's not deny it, we love the topic of cat litter! Of course, not because of some strange fetish deriving from unusual experiences; we like talking about it because it forms the cornerstone of keeping a cat in the house. If there is a problem with the litter, there will be a problem with the cat sooner or later.


We often see with acquaintances, both closer and more distant, that the litter is in a strange place from several perspectives, which is not only annoying for the cat but also for the homeowners. Sometimes it’s due to lack of space, other times it’s more about lack of information. In our next article, you can find out where is the ideal location of the litter box.

1. Poor ventilation

If the litter box, for example, ends up in a closed space – we’ve seen it even in a shoe cabinet, oh my! – then there’s no chance for it to ventilate. Although there are very modern litters that capture odors, a litter that doesn’t ventilate will become smelly because cat poop and pee are smelly. Very smelly. (Don’t take this as a reproach.) Even if you scoop it out daily, if the air is trapped where you store the litter, its fate is sealed. And this will bother not only the homeowners and arriving guests but probably the cat as well. You know, they have a very good sense of smell!

2. Too isolated

If the litter box is in a place that the cat can hardly approach, and it has to perform acrobatics to go to the bathroom, it won’t go. Or it will, just not in the box. Rather in the corner, on the living room rug, or on your bed. It’s important that the location of the litter box is easily accessible for the cat from all sides. This is true for every case, but it is especially important for older or sick individuals. According to Jackson Galaxy, it’s worth placing the litter where the cat spends most of its time. He also notes that it may not be ideal for you, but it is for the cat. Take comfort in knowing that this can avoid litter problems. (A good tip is to place a litter box where the cat marks its territory.)

Let the cat determine where is the ideal location of the litter box.

3. There is another litter next to it

If you have multiple cats, it’s very tempting to place the litter in the same spot for both cats, but this usually doesn’t work. There are cats who get frustrated if someone is using the toilet next to them, and the possibility of the previous problem arises again – that the cat cannot access it from all sides. Of course, this is not a big problem if the litter box is covered and has an entrance on only one side. However, it’s worth choosing a box instead of a closed one, or a box with multiple exits. Remember, cats were also prey in the wild, so they always need to be ready to escape. This can be a problem with a closed box. One bad experience is enough for the cat to neglect using it.

4. It is too busy

Even cats need privacy when doing their business. If, for example, the litter is in the hallway or corridor, they may not go there often because they are bothered by the hustle and bustle at such times. Like us, they appreciate being able to spend these moments peacefully and alone.

Like us, they enjoy the solitude of these moments.

Conclusion: The ideal location of the litter box

Placing the litter box in the right spot is already half the battle! If you follow the above-mentioned rules, scoop it out at least once a day, and if space allows, provide one litter box per cat plus one extra, there shouldn’t be a big problem.

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