4 fabulous ice cream recipes for cats: these can cool down your pet on hot summer days

Tóth Eszter

2023. June 18 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

Cats can eat ice cream but only under certain conditions. The question may arise as to what aspects should be taken into account when choosing this kind of snack for your cat?


It is important to know that cats like milk, but unfortunately most of them can not tolerate the lactose in it. However, there are already milk products and milk drinks specially intended for cats, but of course you can also make lactose-free ice cream too. We have collected several cat safe ice cream recipes below, which may be useful if you want to make homemade snacks for your kitty.

But be sure to pay attention to the quantities! For your cat to be healthy, it needs a balanced diet. You should also pay attention to the fact that they can only taste their ice cream slowly, because if the food is too cold, it can hurt them. Without futrher ado, here are 4 recipes that will please even the pickiest cats.

1. Tuna ice cream

Does your cat like fish? Then this recipe was made for it. Nothing could be simpler: all you need is a can of tuna and water. Then, once you have the ingredients, mash the tuna, add a little water and mix the ingredients until the mixture is very creamy! Finally, when you have reached the desired consistency, just pour the product into an ice cube tray, and the mouth-watering tuna ice cream is ready.

2. Meat ice cream

Follow the same recipe as for the tuna ice cream: mix the minced meat with water. You can replace the minced meat with your cat’s favourite bagged or canned wet food, then mix until it is creamy and freeze. And look, the divine meat ice cream is ready!

3. Milk ice cream

With special milk which is made for specifically cats, you can make delicious ice cream. Simply pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it. When you take it out, let the ice cream melt a little before giving it to your kitty, so you can protect it from pain.

4. Blueberry delicacy

Did you know that cats love blueberries? In fact, it’s one of their favourite fruits, so it might be worth making it for them in ice cream form. Wash the fruit and put it in a blender. Then mix it until it is completely smooth. After that, mix in dry but finely chopped cat food into the paste. Freeze it for at least 3 hours.

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