What would happen to cats if humanity disappeared? They would probably start an empire

Ferenczi Deborah, 2023. March 4 - Photos:  Getty Images Hungary

Have you ever wondered what would happen to cats if humanity died out in a terrible apocalypse? It's likely that in such an event, dogs would find it relatively harder to reintroduce themselves, as some breeds have been socialised around humans for thousands of years. So their survival might even be problematic. However, the situation is very different for cats. They would probably rather take over the world than go extinct!

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For cats, living through an end of the world would probably not be nearly as tragic as for other domestic animals. Cats, despite being able to function in an extremely good symbiotic relationship with humans, are so independent that they would mostly continue to live without any problems.

The cat does not need the human

As painful as it is to face, cats are such independent, autonomous creatures that they simply do not need humans to get along in the world. After all, thanks to their hunting skills and instincts, they can actually create everything they need to survive. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t love us or cling to us. It simply means that they can manage independently of humans, and they can do so very well. So there is no question that if humanity disappeared, they would still be able to survive.

A cat chooses a human of its own free will

It is important to understand that cats choose humans not because they need or depend on them, but because they choose to stay with them. Many people misunderstand them, believing that these animals are unable to cling to humans. However, this is not true at all, they just express their affection in a different way than, say, dogs. In their case, however, this affection is much more noble, if you like, because they choose to stay with us and share their lives with us, when they don’t need to and could be completely free.

Could cats survive the end of the world?

Certainly. There are few creatures on the planet more capable than cats, who can actually escape from any situation. Not to mention that, according to legend, they have nine lives, making it almost impossible for them to become extinct. It is no coincidence that many cultures and ages have given these animals supernatural powers. This is probably due to the cats’ truly special atmosphere, their mystical nature and their excellent survival instincts. It is also likely that if mankind were to die out, they would simply take over the world, because these animals were born to rule!

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