Did you know that stressed cats are more likely to get cancer? A breakthrough discovery in human medicine links the two

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2023. March 14 - Source: Photos by Getty Images Hungary

Perhaps one of the most dreaded diseases is cancer, which is extremely dangerous not only for humans but also for animals, and a relatively high percentage of cases end in death. Science has long been investigating the causes of this terrible disease. The results in both animals and humans suggest that it is not only genetics that may be responsible for the development of the disease, but also that severe stress and unprocessed trauma can significantly increase the risk of developing it.


Despite the fact that scientists have already successfully identified many forms of cancer, there is still considerable debate about what exactly causes it. However, research is still limited and, despite numerous observations, the list of causes that contribute to the development of cancer is still unclear. However, it is highly likely that severe stress and trauma are major contributors.

Why does science link cancer to stress?

There is a very serious debate in the scientific world on this issue, with some doctors claiming with absolute certainty that there is a significant link between cancer and stress, while others reject it out of hand and claim it is a mere hypothesis. However, it is clear that chronic and unhealthy stress is indeed a health killer. This claim is true not only for humans, but also for animals. Chronic stress causes disease because the body cannot cope with high levels of anxiety. Unfortunately, animals that are under severe stress tend to live shorter lives, precisely because stress is a health destroyer.

What events cause serious trauma in animals?

It is important to know that such unhealthy stress does not carry the everyday frustration that is normal at some level. Rather, it is more likely to be an incident that causes extremely serious distress to the animal. This could be the case, for example, in situations which alter the animal’s lifestyle to a large extent. This includes, for example, a change of residence, the loss of a loved one, or other illnesses that cause the animal severe pain. In many cases, even after a serious accident, the cat may become extremely frustrated. But it can also be the result of another animal or human moving in, because the pet feels that it is being pushed into the background. If you notice this happening with your cat, make sure you seek professional help before it gets out of hand.


So can stress really cause cancer?

The development of cancer is a complex process. So there may be genetic causes, for example, certain breeds of cats may be more susceptible than others. Then there are also forms that are hereditary, which also contribute to the development. In addition, an incorrect, unhealthy lifestyle, possible underlying diseases, poor living conditions or even obesity can also contribute to the development of the dreaded disease in the animal. However, stress and unresolved trauma clearly increase the risk of this happening. So it is not necessarily the cause of cancer, but it does increase the chance of it. So if you notice this kind of behaviour in your pet, see a vet as soon as possible.

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