Fight against fleas: a bath with washing-up liquid is definitely not a solution!

Ferenczi Deborah, 2022. February 15 - Photos: Getty Images Hungary

One of the biggest dangers of spring is the appearance of various pests. The more your cat spends in nature, the more you need to carefully check its fur every day, because it can easily harbor fleas and other parasites.


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Unfortunately, no matter how careful and hygienic you are, your cat can still get fleas. With appropriate treatment, the situation can be remedied relatively quickly, but the importance of continuous care cannot be overemphasized. There are many methods circulating on the Internet that give different instructions on how to prevent these infections. Some of the solutions are quite strange, as they also suggest ideas such as a bath with washing-up liquid.

Why is washing-up liquid dangerous?

It is believed that a bath with washing-up liquid breaks down the outer skeleton of fleas, causing them to suffocate and die within minutes. Fleas multiply very quickly, so for this method to bring any results, the animal must be thoroughly skinned and then thoroughly combed with a flea comb. However, veterinarians warn everyone against this. The washing-up liquid can cause serious irritation in the animal and can significantly dry out the skin. In addition, of course, it is also possible that it licks into the water, which can even cause poisoning. In addition, the method does not prevent the return of parasites.

What other treatments are there?

In the case of fleas, it is not possible to talk about a serious or less serious situation, because they definitely cause a problem in the long term. That is why it is very important to consult a veterinarian immediately if you notice fleas. If the infected animal is not treated properly, the situation can become very serious. It is important to know that it is not possible to achieve 100 percent results with specifically anti-flea shampoos and powders, as the parasite can return at any time. We recommend that you use specially prepared drops and tablets, as they are much more effective.

Medicines for dogs are not for cats

It must be emphasized that a significant part of the preparations that can be given to dogs should not be used on cats because they can be toxic to them and can even kill them. Also, if your pet has fleas and you have other cats, they should also be treated. In addition, thorough cleaning and disinfection are also essential, since, in the absence of this, the risk of re-infection is guaranteed. These parasites can spread worms, so deworming is also justified in affected animals.

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